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Leafs Fans Give John Tavares A Standing Ovation Because Islanders Fans Were Mean To Him

In his first game back home since Islanders fans were mean to him, John Tavares received a standing ovation from Maple Leafs fans. A little much if you’re asking me. I think they could have just cheered a little extra for him, don’t think they had to go above and beyond and put the spotlight on the guy and make it a thing.

This is just setting us up for a Leafs-Islanders playoff match up. I don’t want that to happen, I need it to happen. It actually could happen too. If the Habs catch the Leafs in the Atlantic, then all signs would point to Leafs-Islanders in round 1.

Regardless, this was a little much. The guy was boo’d a little. He didn’t get shot.