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Sit Back And Enjoy The Acoustic Version Of 'Back That Ass Up'

Alright here’s what I’m gonna need. I’m gonna need Mannie Fresh to get Juvenile and Lil Wayne on the horn, get them to the nearest studio and make a full acoustic version of Back That Ass Up. Get it done, Mannie. My guess is that Juvie will be very happy and VERY available to link up and put down his verse. Lil Wayne will be harder to get ahold of but just tell him there’s 25 pounds of weed and a gallon of syrup in the studio and he’ll come running. I need this song to happen, we all need this song to happen.

No offense to today’s music, but an acoustic version of Back That Ass Up would be the best song to come out since Back That Ass Up originally came out. If you disagree with that then all of your music opinions are meaningless and stupid and you’re stupid. Last week was the 20th anniversary of ‘Back That Ass Up’ which my pal Coley exquisitely blogged.  Now is the perfect time to run it back, make the acoustic version and light up the charts once again.