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Mike Trout To The Phillies, Confirmed By Bryce Harper

2008 feels like at least 4 or 5 lifetimes ago already. Losing 90+ games for multiple seasons in a row will do that to ya. But hot damn, life as a Phillies fan is about to be as good as it gets again and it’s coming very, very soon.

Here’s the thing–I’m not naive. I understand that Philadelphia probably wasn’t Bryce Harper’s #1 choice. I’m sure it took a ton of convincing to get him to sign here. $330 million over 13 years is pretty decent convincing on his own. But you’re a goddamn fool if you don’t think that Mike Trout was a part of this whole process. The only thing holding up this deal was Bryce Harper making sure that Mike Trout comes to the Phillies the first chance he gets and then those two beasts–along with the rest of this lineup–can bring championship after championship after championship to the city of Philadelphia. You don’t drop a Trout reference like that in your first press conference as a member of the Phillies unless you know damn well that you and Trout have already worked out a deal to get him back to Philly.

So all I’m saying is that if you’re a Philly sports fan, don’t make any plans in October for the next decade. That month will be reserved for World Series runs and World Series runs only. See ya on Broad St.