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Antonio Brown Sounds Off About Big Ben And The Steelers On "The Shop"

First of all, it is incredibly hard to take AB seriously with that blonde mustache. He can make as many valid points as he wants, I had to rewatch this video 10 times to hear what he said because I was so distracted by that bright yellow caterpillar on his face. But after that tenth listen, a few quotes stood out to me.

“There’s no shot going back to Pittsburgh”

Pretty definitive statement made about a guy under contract with really no control over whether or not he’s going to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers ever again. I know it was made by someone else in the ‘Shop but he didn’t exactly shoot it down either.

“You banged up man you can just go home. You aint even gotta be here.”

Mike Tomlin just sending home the best WR since Moss because he wanted a little treatment heading into a must-win game is so Mike Tomlin it hurts. “Ben got in a motorcycle crash and threw 3 TDs the same week.” “Coach that’s not what happened at a-” “The very same week. Man up, coward.”

“I don’t have an ego”

Alright, AB. Alright. If you didn’t have an ego you’d stink at wide receiver. Every great WR has a massive ego. That just comes with the territory. Jerry Rice walks around constantly telling everyone his stats on a daily basis to this day.

“All year (Ben) call me out when we lose a game he like ‘AB should’ve ran a better route.”

“Why would Ben do that?”

“That’s the type of guy he is. He feel like he the owner. Bruh you threw the shit to the D-line man how the fuck am I gonna run a better route?”

This was the best. AB’s been working on that line about Ben throwing it to a D-lineman for months now. He couldn’t wait to break it out in front of an audience and boy did it hit. I can’t imagine this episode of “The Shop” helped AB’s trade market, but it certainly seems like he has less than zero interest playing another down with Big Ben throwing him under the bus after he tosses a bullet to Myles Garrett.