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The Best Crossovers From February Takes Us Into The Weekend

Pretty simple, you put in the work today to make it to this point. You may have had one hell of a week and had to put up with all sorts of 9-5 TPS type bullshit. Well that ends right now because I have just the thing to get you over the hump and across the finish line into freedom.

You know what rules? Awesome basketball highlights. You know what makes for a great 12 minute highlight video? Watching the best of the best in terms of players getting embarrassed with a nasty crossover/handles. Fortunately the month of February gave us a ton to choose from and relive, so go ahead and hit play, sit back and relax, and before you know it it’ll be quittin’ time. Consider this my gift to you and a reward for the click.

Have a great and safe weekend everybody, see you all on Monday!