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Eagles Lock Up Super Bowl LII Hero Brandon Graham With A 3-Year Contract Extension

Love it. The man formerly known as “We traded up to get this freaking guy instead of Earl Thomas?” will most likely live out the rest of his days as an Eagle. At 30, he wasn’t as productive last season as he was in 2017 (39 tackles and 4 sacks in 2018 compared to 47 tackles and 9.5 sacks during the Super Bowl season), but I still would rather have BG compared to a replacement there over the next three years. I assume the contract is most likely friendly to both sides of the table, so why not? Keep everyone happy and healthy and ready for another run at the Lombardi.

It’s funny. For an organization that once was notorious for dishing out and/or ignoring their long tenured veterans (Brian Dawkins and McNabb to name a few), the Eagles sure are letting their guys stick around before they get sent out to pasture. Jason Peters, Darren Sproles, and now BG are welcomed to stay as long as they’re productive, and I don’t think anyone minds that one bit. Chris Long, you’re next. Fly, dammit. Fly.