*Sighhhhh* Yes, Bobby Bonilla Will Still Be Getting Paid By The Mets FOUR YEARS After Bryce Harper's Contract With The Phillies Is Up

I wanted to get ahead of this story once the years of Bryce’s contract were announced, but it appears that Twitter has already beaten me to the punch across my stupid Mets fan face. As if watching a star player you hoped would leave your division sign with a rival within the division wasn’t enough, the Mets somehow get roped into being the butt of the joke yet again. You think paying a 26-year-old former MVP until 2031 seems crazy? Try paying a shitty player who hasn’t been on your team since 1999 until 2035. El. Em. Ay. Ohhhhh.

I know that deferring Bonilla’s payments was technically a good deal for the Mets when you account for inflation and all that shit. But when you account for having cheap owners that will not operate a big market team like a big market team and Darren Rovell becoming fully engorged while tweeting out his annual Bobby Bonilla Day tweets, it just feels like a massive loss and that’s before you see the Phillies players getting weird as fuck and locking up a TON of good juju before March even begins.

If you want to spinzone this, at least the Mets are being mocked for signing some awful player off the scrap heap for pennies or announced Jose Reyes was coming back like an hour after the Harper deal was announced. Actually that may still happen. But at least Jeff Wilpon hasn’t said anything like “We were not prepared to match the Phillies offer” from a safari in Africa before lighting a cigar with a $100 bill taken directly from David Wright’s insurance payment, which I guess actually may still happen by the end of the day. God I hate this fucking franchise sometimes, no matter how enormous Bryce’s contract is worth.

I wonder if Brodie still thinks is the case after the Phillies added JT Realmuto and acquired Bryce Harper for nothing but U.S. currency and some prospects.

P.S. I can’t believe it took until 5 pm for Rovell to fire his tweet about the Bobby Bo contract out. He must be have taken his foot off the gas once he started cashing checks from the Big Swinging Dick At The Cracker Factory