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Bob Nightengale Continues To Be Impossibly Wrong About Every Baseball Report He Makes

Some people are just born with a gift. Picasso’s was painting, Jack Bauer’s was killing bad guys, and Bob Nightengale’s is reporting the wrong things about baseball. Bobby Lightning is electric. I wrote this blog a few weeks ago when he completely botched the Kyler Murray Oakland A’s news. He is wrong about so many things that it’s almost impossible.

This morning he wrote that the Phillies were no longer the favorites in the Harper sweepstakes and that the Dodgers have increased their offer. No more than a few hours later, Harper ends his long offseason as a free agent by signing with the Phillies. Over the past few weeks he was confident Harper was signing in Philly, then today of all days he changes his mind. Remarkable.

Not only did he get that wrong, but he reported it was a 10 year deal for $330 million with an opt out after three years.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 3.39.19 PM

The deal is for 13 years and $330 million with NO OPT OUT. The one part that Bobby said was happening is the part that baseball Twitter is up in arms about. It’s all they’re talking about and that’s the part he was dead wrong on. Incredible. Normally someone would unfollow an unreliable baseball reporter like this, but I’m in it for the rush. It’s like getting a shot of epinephrine from an epipen.

Never change Bobby Lightning.