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Dennis Rodman Conclave Trip Organized By Irish Sports Book Paddy Power Who Has $1 Million On The Line That The Next Pope Will Be Black

ROME (CBSNewYork) Basketball star Dennis Rodman was in St. Peter’s Square Wednesday to help Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana become the first black pope. “He’s going to be black, guys – I’m letting you know he’s going to be black,” Rodman said when asked who he was promoting. “The one from Ghana — the black one.” His trip is being organized by the Irish betting firm Paddy Power that is putting $1 million on the line that the cardinals will elect a black pope, a spokesman for the firm told reporters. The spokesman said Turkson is currently in the lead, adding that Rodman was there to “spread the gospel of pope betting.” This is the second stop on Rodman’s bizarre global tour that started with a trip to North Korea last month where the Hall of Famer met with Kim Jong Un.  When asked by 1010WINS’ Juliet Papa if he considers himself to be a diplomat of sorts, Rodman said he has no particular “mission” with his recent travels. “I just like to go around — I just love people and right now, as an older man, I’m understanding how life works,” he said. “A lot of things right now are really changing around the world and each day that I go by, I see a lot of difficult things that are really not right — so now that I have a little bit of power, I need to go around and at least talk about it.”

I’ll be honest – I kinda liked the image of Super Worm traveling all over the world spreading the message of peace and love.  But whatever. A good old publicity stunt for black people will do just fine. Paddy Power just doing an absolutely incredible job here. Trying to bait the world into betting on the Black Pope and then just collecting all their money once White Smoke comes out for the Italian guy. Theres like no fucking chance they elect this black guy. I mean I know he started out as the favorite as soon as Pope resigned but the minute Conclave started the odds switched to the white Italian guy. Of course. Although at the same time the only odds I’ve seen at this point are from Paddy Power, so their pulling the strings on this whole circus.Who the fuck can handicap Cardinals from all over the world anyway? Like who the fuck is the expert on that? This whole thing is fugazi.

All I know is that Paddy Power probably knows they ain’t gonna turn the Church over to a black guy so their just baiting the world into this bet. Say they’re backing him and get the Worm to endorse Black Pope and when they inevitably pick a white European cash in. Genius.

PS – Does Rodman have an Umbrella Holder out there in St. Peter’s Square? Thats as cocky as it gets. Only people I’ve ever seen who rock out with an Umbrella Carrier is Snoop and Puffy. I think even Michael Jackson carried his own umbrella. Boss status for The Worm.