I'm SO Here For Jason Witten Being Out Of The Booth And Going Back To Dallas

I’m on radio right now, but my guy Clem got the news up. Jason Witten is coming out of retirement and returning to Dallas for his 16th NFL season. He signed a 1-year deal for $5 million.

My first reaction was: what the fuck?? My next reaction was: Hell. Yes.

I’m seeing some of Cowboys twitter saying this means that the Cowboys are going to win a Super Bowl. Even if it’s tongue in cheek, R-E-L-A-X. Just because the Cowboys made a little bit of a run last year doesn’t mean bringing back one of the great tight ends of all time equals a Super Bowl.

But it CERTAINTY doesn’t hurt the chances.

Many people are also saying they’re just happy that he quit ESPN. Let’s be honest, the three-guy booth was awkward. As much as I wanted to like him in that role, I just couldn’t. Just like as much as I didn’t want to like Tony Romo in the booth, I just did. Things happen. Sports broadcasting isn’t easy, folks.

So we get a better MNF product AND Dallas gets back their future HOFer?

Sure, he’s 36 years old. Sure, he’s been off the field for a year. I don’t care. The Cowboys need a tight end. The need help on offense. (Even without Scott Linehan calling shitty plays every week). Duh. I truly can’t see any negatives with this move. I’m all in on #82 being back in Dallas and haunting the rest of the NFC East. Again.

TBD on how much of an an impact he’ll have. But I think it’s fair to say that he will definitely have an impact. Having a legit TE changes everything. Plus, it’s not like he was dramatically declining in 2017. He had 63 catches for 560 yds and 5 TDs. No, it wasn’t 2012 type numbers. Or 2007. (Not the same QB, folks!) But he’s still pretty damn talented. And more importantly, he’s reliable. In 15 seasons in Dallas, I’m pretty sure he only missed one game. Which is insane.

1000% here. Way to go Jerry. And I think Monday Night Football fans can all agree with me on this.