Big Vegan YouTuber Sends SHOCKWAVES Through The Vegan Community By Eating Salmon and Eggs

BFNews - A vegan YouTuber and athlete has been dropped by a vegan company he founded and is receiving a ton of backlash for announcing he would be eating meat again.

HUGE news that has sent SHOCKWAVES through the Vegan community: popular Vegan vlogger Tim Shieff has been EXCOMMUNICATED from Vegan society after admitting that he ate raw eggs and salmon.  In a moment of weakness after a 35 day water fast, Tim, a champion athlete and former American Ninja Warrior,  just couldn’t resist stopping his body from withering away and shoved some protein down his traitorous throat.

Tim Shieff is a champion freerunner who has appeared on American Ninja Warrior. He also has been prominently featured in the media for his vegan lifestyle as an athlete, appearing in the film What the Health? and contributing to Forks Over Knives. He also promotes his lifestyle through his large social media followings, with over 175,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 85,000 Instagram followers.

But earlier this month, Shieff made a stunning admission. He is no longer vegan. The admission came after Shieff admitted in November he had eaten raw eggs and salmon after completing a 35-day water fast.

The Benedict Arnold of Veganism.

It’s sad really.  Some people just don’t have the stomach to handle sticking to a moral and ethical lifestyle.

Now you could argue he doesn’t have that stomach because all of his guts leaked out from the massive levels of antinutrients in an insanely unhealthy legume protein based diet, but that’s the not the point.  Tim Shieff just never learned about pushing through obstacles and hard times to achieve a higher purpose.  Wasn’t raised to be mentally stronger than the estrogen and thyroid disruptions of soy protein and the anemia from a lack of iron and B12 deficiency.

Also he may not be mentally strong because of the depression caused by low omega-3 fatty acids.  But, again, that’s besides the point.

Tim just wasn’t tough enough to be vegan

In his new video called “Am I still vegan?” Shieff said he had been experiencing health issues while on his vegan diet. These problems included “digestion issues, depression, fatigue, brain fog, lack of energy,” and “waking up stiff” in his joints.

“I couldn’t do push-ups without getting injured,” he said.

To try to heal himself, he said, he tried a variety of different diets. These included a fruit and herb fast, a high-fat diet, a high-carb low-fat diet, trying different supplements, and, I’m quoting here, “drinking [his] own urine for two years.”

“But overall there was still a general, slow decline,” he said.

No shit?  Symptoms sound kind of familiar.  They remind me of the symptoms I learned about in health class for a person that only eats fucking plants.

But whatever.  The bottom line is Tim wanted to talk about the vegan lifestyle but not be about the vegan lifestyle.  One little bad stretch of his entire body and mind shutting down and he reaches right for the lox and eggs.

And the salmon made him cum!

..He then picked up his vegan diet again, but still felt bad.

So, he decided to try animal products. He ate local raw eggs and wild-caught salmon. He called the move “a huge identity crisis,” but admitted he felt better. He even said, another quote here, after eating the salmon he “ejaculated for the first time in months.”

Shieff went back to a vegan diet, and his health continued to feel off. He was forced to ask the hard question: Was veganism affecting his health?

“I made the choice to go back to consuming animal products again,” he said.

This is the worst thing that has happened to the argument for veganism since the last time someone opened up a history book and saw that no major culture has ever thrived and survived on animal-free diets.

Good news for Tim is he might not have much time left to wallow since his body doesn’t have enough amino acids to detoxify his liver.


Close your eyes, picture a vegan.  Did you picture a shirtless 94 pound guy wearing a headband in a fucking cornfield before yoga class?

Me too.  We nailed it.

No wonder this dude has 200K YouTube subscribers.  Vegan Poster Boy is an understatement.

(via BFNews)