Jon Jay and Yonder Alonso Went Deep Yesterday, So The White Sox Won The Machado Signing

Fuck Machado.  His 305 gang is already on pace to outperform him this year in spite of his absence in the meat of the lineup.

In case you missed it, Yonder Alonso hit an absolute BOMB on Tuesday afternoon:

Real talk, he fucking murdered that ball.  Bet it went 450ish.  But using brute strength and pulverizing baseballs isn’t all Alonso is good for.  He also uses brains and guile.

Like yesterday, when let this outside Cincinnati Red dick ball fastball travel through the zone, he kept his hands back, and barreled it deep in the zone to connect for his second dinger of spring.

More real talk, just a masterful attack on a pitch right there.  But the fun doesn’t stop there.  Jon Jay went yard too yesterday:

It took every ounce of strength to muscle the ball out just inches over the fence through that thick and muggy Arizona air, but he did it.  Not an easy feat.

So if you’re keeping score at home, here are Alonso and Jay’s combined slash line through 4 spring training games:

6/19, with a .316/.316/.900/1.216 OPS with 3 HRs and 5 RBIs

Absurd production out of our DH/1B combo and platoon outfielder thus far in Cactus League action.  So who really won the Machado signing?

Okay the real reason I bring this up is because Chief, Carl and Eddie think I should absolutely fucking hate Jon Jay and Yonder Alonso for this quote in The Athletic after Machado signed:

“They talked greatly about San Diego, they never stopped talking about it,” Machado said. “Yonder loves it. Jon did as well. They’re just happy for me and for our family and for our situation. At the end of the day, I’m going to see them quite a bit here in Arizona and we’re always going to be a phone call away and talk every day.”

Do I hate them for this?  You bet.  It’s embarrassing.  But I also get it – their guy asked about playing in San Diego and they said it rocks.  I’m sure it does.  Laid back, no pressure, buried in the corner of the country nobody in the media cares about.  That, and they had never donned a White Sox uniform at that point.  They don’t know the team or players too well at this juncture, but they had extensive time playing in real, live games in San Diego.  They spoke truthfully.

Now do I think they should be shipped out the door as soon as humanly possible?  You bet.  Am I MAD at them for this?  Yes, kinda.  But not fuming.  Machado wasn’t ever going to play with his buddies from home.  He was going to play for whichever team offered him the best contract.  The Padres did that and the White Sox didn’t.

The second hand embarrassment I have for the White Sox for putting themselves in this position is through the roof.  Like, regardless of what they have said publicly, Jay and Alonso were supposed to be the icing on the cake for the Machado ordeal.  But they ended up being a (very, very small) reason Machado picked San Diego.  Disgusting.

So my anger and frustration is directed at the front office for putting Jay and Alonso in a position that they could even be asked this question by Machado.  It all could have been moot had the Sox offered the best contract, but they didn’t so it isn’t.  Just embarrassing.

Now, with all of that said… There are baseball people out there who think the White Sox dodged a bullet with Machado and that he won’t live up to his end of his contract.  I’m more pissed that the White Sox made themselves look really, really bad this last week than losing out on Machado himself, because the possibility that he does get lazy and fat and yada yada does exist to an extent.  That it was a PR nightmare for them and in turn, for me.  I’m not saying that WILL happen, but it’s at worst a non-zero possibility and to be wed to a contract of that size for 10 years doesn’t work out often.