What’s Mike McCarthy Been Up To Since Being Fired By The Packers? Oh Just Berating High School Basketball Refs And Chasing Them Out Of Gyms

Fox 11

McCarthy has been a regular face in the stands at Notre Dame Academy’s basketball games this season, however, his actions after the tight loss at Pulaski crossed a line, according to people at the game.

“This parent chose to follow the officials and berate them, which is clearly unacceptable,” said Janel Batten, Pulaski’s athletic director.

Through an open records request FOX 11 submitted to the Pulaski School District, we were provided security footage from moments after the game concluded. There is no audio, but you can see a Pulaski staff member escorting the referees out of the gym with a man following behind. District officials confirmed the man is McCarthy.

We haven’t heard a whole lot from Mike McCarthy since he was fired by the Packers mid-season. Well it looks like he’s spending his time like any normal dad who just got laid off: berating his step son’s basketball refs after a tight loss in a high school game. Mike may not have a job right now, but you can’t take the coach out of him. Does this look like a guy you want to make the wrong call against?

Nope, sure doesn’t. Mike definitely has a lot of built up anger from how things ended in Green Bay and he’s ready to unleash hell on some part-time refs who think they have the power of God. I wish them good luck. You walk in a gym and make eye contact with Mike, you might as well fake an illness rather than ref that game. He’s out for blood.

Back when I was in middle school my dad did this at one of my rec games. The ref called a foul way after the buzzer in a one point game and it led to two game-ending free throws. My dad chased the ref out to his car. My dad was a bit of a lunatic and he was born in Brooklyn so restraint wasn’t exactly his forte. Turns out Mike McCarthy and my dad have more in common than I thought.

(h/t Aaron)