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Dwyane Wade Beat The Warriors With An Absolutely Ridiculous Three At The Buzzer

What an absolute prayer from Wade to win this game. That is such a junk three you can’t help but laugh. Well not if you’re a Warriors fan and you pretty much blew this game. Atfer trailing all night the Warriors finally took a lead with 3 minutes to go, even had a 4 point lead with 18 seconds to go after a couple Jordan Bell free throws. Little did they know the Wade was about to come out and hit back to back threes, one with 15 seconds left and then that game winner you saw above. I can’t even imagine losing a game on a shot like that, especially to someone like Wade who is a 31% shooter from deep on the season. The fact that he made 5 (!!!!!) in this game which tied his season high is some tough luck. Wade had been 0 for his last 6 before tonight but that just goes to show there’s something about those Miami Vice jerseys. You combine that with a Wade retirement tour that was looking for a signature moment, the Warriors should have seen it coming.

It’s pretty crazy this is what it takes to beat the Warriors, but the Heat deserved this win. They played great and led pretty much the whole way, sometimes the Basketball Gods reward you with an all time prayer. Now if we can also get one from Dirk who is in a tight game as we speak against IND, we’ll really be cooking.