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Sharing A Streaming Account With Strangers Is Our Modern Day Circle Of Life

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This came up today and made me laugh so I wanted to share/hear other people’s stories. I was talking to Jeff Vibbert from Barstool Heartland and he mentioned he loved the Inbetweeners clips I had tweeted and he wanted to watch the show.

I told him it’s an amazing show, one of the funniest shows of all time, and he should definitely watch it. I told him it’s on Netflix and he mentioned he doesn’t have Netflix.

I asked him if he needed an account to watch it on, but then it dawned on me, I don’t even have my own Netflix account. Not that I don’t watch Netflix, I do literally every single night, but I’ve been logged in to a friend’s family’s account for 2 years now. I haven’t a clue what the password is. I should really get my own account, but it auto-signs me in every time so I’ve never needed to.

While I have my own Amazon Prime account and WWE Network among others, Hulu is a real humdinger, and where this blog comes from. I want to know how many degrees of separation you have on a shared streaming account. My Hulu account is signed in to my ex-girlfiend’s, ex-coworker’s, ex-boyfriend. *Exhale* My ex-girlfriend signed my laptop into her former co-worker’s boyfriend’s account, and then they broke up, and then we broke up. I have no idea who this guy is, but shout out to him. I bet he’s so confused when he logs into Hulu and sees someone just watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother on a Saturday night. I appreciate it my man, wherever you are.

And I feel this happens a lot with people our age. You get signed into a streaming account, and then it’s yours by proxy, regardless if you know the person or not. Maybe one day they’ll change their passwords, but it’s also a sort of “pay it forward” type thing that we all have an unwritten agreement on. Back in the day people left their newspapers on the train for the next person to read, we let people use our Netflix accounts. It’s sort of a beautiful thing we have going on. I get free Hulu, I’ve given people my HBO Go account info, and they probably have given someone their Barstool Gold log in. The beautiful modern age circle of life.