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I Wonder If NFL Scouts Are Worried About Zion's Hand Size After Watching This Video

The dude is an absolute freak. He shouldn’t be able to move like this at that size. We hear about how he’d be a great tight end. I mean LSU did offer him a football scholarship for that. We’ve heard about linebacker. But, I need to see him at QB.

But, with all this talk about hand size at the NFL Combine, Barstool Radio and I wonder if NFL scouts are worried about Zion’s? Are they too big? Would he smush a ball like he did a basketball?

What a cannon. It reminds me of the old Mike Vick Powerade commercial:

So I think we have to move Zion up to QB1 for the upcoming NFL Draft. I mean who is tackling him? He’s going to chuck the ball 80 yards. Pair him and Odell and Saquon and let’s cook.