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Justin Verlander Put Vernon Wells In A Coffin



And Finally

Skull emoji. Skull emoji. Skull emoji.

I think my favorite part of this is Justin Verlander seeing this tweet yesterday and immediately, vividly remembering a time in his life when he made Vernon Wells’ knees buckle. Most people have a hard enough time remembering Vernon Wells so that’s a Sean McVay level cognitive recall from Verlander here. But I do respect Wells chirping Spring Training pitching, mostly because I don’t know if he was wrong. The curve Verlander replied with was much tighter and filthier than the one Pitching Ninja posted. Which makes sense, he was younger and it was the regular season compared to two days ago during a meaningless Spring Training warm up start. But, this is the internet and the facts do not apply. Vernon Wells got toe tagged before noon and that’s something you truly hate to see.