Russell Westbrook Has Zero Qualms Getting Into It With A Kid Who Hit Him In The Front Row

You know what? Fair is fair. If you’re going to sit in the front row and tap Russell Westbrook while on the court you have to be prepared for a stare down from Russ. Just flat out fear if I’m that kid.

I mean listen to this quote:

“He hit me, so I told his dad, ‘be careful, man, you can’t have your son just hitting random people. I don’t know him, he don’t know me. So, just letting him know, ‘you’ve just got to control your kids.’

When Russ cocks his head and looks over at the person that taps him there tends to be a reaction. I mean I was somewhat cheering for this

Instead Russ showed he has a soft spot and talked to the kid’s dad and dapped him up. I mean granted it’s a kid so that’s what you have to do but I think you have to treat everyone fairly that’s willing to mix it up from the front row.

The funniest part is watching how quick the kid sits down. He knows he fucked up. He knows he’s in trouble. The only thing is he doesn’t have a little brother to blame it on. Best thing about little brothers, you convince them to do the dumb shit and take the blame. (1)

Cracks me up every time. The wave, the immediate sit down. His father pulling him down. He knows he’s a bit in trouble too.