'I'm A Bucket' - Tyler Herro Talking All The Shit While In Fact Getting Buckets

Good God do I love watching this kid play. Especially when he balls out like he did in a game where Kentucky needed him to. Down as much as 15 in the 2nd half? No biggie when you have a guy miss 1 shot on the entire night and drop 29 to keep the hopes of a No. 1 seed alive.

But, this? Phew, you give me a guy that’s a motherfucker – probably the biggest compliment you can call a basketball player and you have my heart won over. Talking shit at the free throw line. Saying he’s money and he’s a bucket when an Arkansas player wants him to miss one? Yep. Check that.

Oh, he was also playing injured and refused to sit in the 2nd half.

This was the classic letdown spot for Kentucky. Kick Auburn’s ass on Saturday, play at Knoxville on Saturday and this has all the signs of a letdown. It looked that way until Herro just went off in the 2nd half while Nick Richards had 15 rebounds, Keldon Johnson played bully ball and PJ Washington wasn’t great but was important down the stretch.

Now, beat Tennessee (again) and come that much closer to locking up a No. 1 seed. And keep getting buckets.