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The Knicks Win For The 3rd Time In 4 Games And I Am Starting To Get Worried


I’m trying my best to keep a brave face and not freak out about the Knicks winning yet another game tonight. However I will admit that it is getting a little concerning. I know that the bottom 3 NBA teams all have the same odds for the Top 4 picks and the Knicks are still 3 full games behind the Bulls for the 4 spot in the lottery. But Knicks fans have been expecting their team to go on a run sooner or later and it looks like they are finally on it. The 18 game losing streak gave them a decent amount of wiggle room in the march for Zion, but you knowwwww the Knicks are going to go full Knicks and get hot right at the end of the season as they always do by somehow beating teams that are playing for playoff positioning.

So that means Thursday’s matchup against the Cavs is a Must Lose. I don’t care how much The Garden is buzzing or who is in attendance. The Knicks need to tank the fuck out of that game. Start the Westchester Knicks, have the 1973 Knicks come off the bench, whatever needs to be done. If the Basketball Gods fuck us with some ping pong balls like its a bachelor party freak show, so be it. But giving yourself the best chance to win the lottery is still within your hands, even with the new rules. It sucks rooting against your own team, especially when the roster has young and exciting players giving it all and causing MSG to go nuts. But in a year that means nothing to the franchise outside of player development, cap room, and draft pick location, we have to keep losing. Oh yeah and watching Mitchell Robinson do Mitchell Robinson things. That never gets old.

So instead of rallying the troops with a speech or telling Knicks fans to believe everything will work out fine despite decades of the opposite coming true, I will instead ask them to continue thinking like crazy people and completely overblow Kyrie’s reaction to the Celtics getting dusted on national TV.

Also if we are in the truth tree, I was actually rooting for the Knicks tonight because MSG was electric and two of my favorite New York athletes ever were in attendance.

But seriously, we need to lose the next game badly and end this winning streak before the team starts getting delusional and try to enter Playoff Mode like LeBron and the Lakers were supposed to.