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Jordyn Woods Is Breaking Her Silence On Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk'

Daily Mail- The 21-year-old model and best friend of Kylie Jenner has been staying mum on the subject as she isolates herself inside her mother’s home.

But now the pinup is set to break her silence on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk show on Facebook.

Woods shared a clip of herself walking onto the set of the show. She looked stone faced as she took her seat.

Jordyn has been longtime friends with the Smith family and has even called Jada’s husband Will her ‘uncle.’

Jordyn is finally talking. It seems like a pretty strategic move on her part…she’s very close with the Smith family so maybe they will show her some sympathy and let her tell “her side” of the story. What a move from Jordyn and what a dramatic reveal. She didn’t even post a photo or story, she went live for 10 seconds just to create mayhem. You know Kris Jenner was involved in this somehow. The Smith family and the Kardashians have always been connected (they kids are all friends). Clearly Jordyn has a relationship with Will.

Red Table Talk is on Facebook Watch and new episodes air on Monday so I guess we wait till Monday and see what kind of excuses she rolls out.