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Ja Rule Has Done The Unthinkable And Put A Curse On The Sacramento Kings

I mean is there any civility in this world anymore? Does Ja Rule have no heart? How are you going to log on to Al Gore’s internet and curse one of the most successful NBA franchises of 2002? It’s not right! We simply cannot stand for this type of injustice because of a few internet jokes over a performance gone awry in Milwaukee many moons ago. A man with the type of power Ja possesses cannot be wielding it so maniacally. You give a warlock of this magnitude an inch he’s going to take the whole planet if we don’t nip this in the bud sooner than later. The last thing you want is a rogue Ja Rule running amok against the entire Western Conference. So if Karl-Anthony Towns never being a Sacramento King is the modest price we must pay I think that’s fair. Let’s appease the god here and now and hopefully he will lay mercy on the masses in the future. It’s our only hope.