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I Again Tried To Play God By Combining Date Night With Fortnite And, Yet Again, Deserve To Die Alone

DISCLAIMER: The Pup in the thumbnail is not the girlfriend. At least not yet.

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Not all boyfriends wear capes. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Last week, I once again tried the impossible by attempting to combine date night and Fortnite. Hey, somebody has to hop on the Battle Bus to fight the imaginary tyranny and oppression I made up in my head to make it sound like I’m doing something constructive with my time. Am I once again regretting my actions? Yes. Yes I am. How am I such a cocky fool to think I could do something in relationships that has never been done before? Who am I to play God? Trust me, and trust me well, you do NOT want to combine date night and Fortnite. That’s how relationships, and people, get hurt.

Oh well. Life goes on. Maybe. At least me lady was allowed in the room and didn’t get Deep Impact’d like the first Date Fortnite. Baby steps, relationship Smitty. Baby steps.