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Des Moines High School Listed On Craigslist For $17 In What Might Be The Lamest Senior Prank Ever



Des Moines Register- Someone wants to sell Roosevelt High School. Presumably it’s not Des Moines Public Schools. The district likely values the building at more than $17. And perhaps it wouldn’t have chosen Craigslist as the best outlet to advertise the space. But three days ago, the ad appeared and still hasn’t been taken down. Listing Roosevelt at $17, the description boasts the school is “a very spacious place,” and has “over 200 rooms, 20+ bathrooms, 3 floors, not counting basement and roof, complete with a baseball, softball and football field, indoor pool, gym/basketball court and a lot of parking.”

So a bunch of people have sent me this today.  Like, “check out this senior prank!  They put the school on Craigslist!”  What am I missing here?  Ohhh they put it on there for $17.  Ya know, that’s like a super cheap price for an entire high school.  If the high school were to be on sale, the price would for sure be a lot higher than $17.  That’s the joke.  Get it?  BOOM ROASTED, Roosevelt High School.  You just got faced by the senior class of 2014.  Good luck ever recovering from this.  This is might honestly be the lamest senior prank of all time.  You’re only a senior once (unless you’re dumb and have to be a Super Senior).  You only get one chance at pulling off an awesome senior prank and these guys blew it.  Do something cool like parking a car on the roof of the school or drawing a huge penis somewhere that can be seen from a helicopter or literally anything other than what they ended up doing.  It’s fine I guess.  They’ll just regret this horrific idea for the rest of their lives and have no other chance to do something like this again.  Here’s to the class of 2015 and hoping they do better.