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Is The God Damn Undertaker About To Start Podcasting?

411mania- A new rumor suggests that The Undertaker could be the next wrestling legend to get an online podcast. According to a report by PWInsider, Starrcast, LLC applied to trademark the term “Dead Man Talking.” As previously reported, The Undertaker is set to appear at this year’s Starrcast, which is being held in Las Vegas the same weekend as AEW Double or Nothing in May.

The filing for the trademark reportedly references podcasts. Conrad Thompson also conducts wrestling podcasts with Bruce Prichard, Eric Bischoff and Tony Schiavone. Before anyone gets too excited, the report notes that the filing could simply be related to Undertaker’s appearance at Starrcast 2019. The event is set to feature wrestling-themed programming with discussions, so Dead Man Talking could be related to a single Starrcast programming event.

You kiddin’ me? You about to tell me that the god damn Deadman, The Phenom, THE UNDERTAKER – somebody who’s pretty much never broken kayfabe in the 30+ years he’s been wrestling – who has kept the inner-workings and details of his character and career closer to the chest than anybody in the history of the business, is about to start PODCASTING?! What does that…what in the…who would…what?

You tellin’ me this motherfucker cared so much about kayfabe that he’s had to milk every last bit of life outta the “Deadman” character through two pseudo-retirements and five horrendous WrestleMania matches, making us suffer through each and every one for the sake of “nostalgia”, even while EVERYBODY just wanted to see him ride down the ramp on a Harley as the “American Badass” is about to start firing off BlueApron reads?

Sure, this could be a one-off live show with Conrad Thompson at Starrcast, the current king of wrestling podcasting, and a true historian, but if it’s not? I’m gonna be low-key livid, and high-key more interested in listening than I ever have been for any podcast in human history.

Plus, ‘DEAD MAN TALKING’ is an absolutely phenomenal title for the show. Raise to whoever thought of that shit.