Chris Christie Is About To Be Inducted Into The Sports Betting Hall Of Fame

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Source-  During his eight-year tenure as New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie made it one of his priorities to legalize sports betting in the state. “We want to recognize the people who pushed sports betting forward,” SBC managing director Andrew McCarron told Forbes SportsMoney. “The idea behind the Hall of Fame is to reward and recognize the people who really made a difference.” 

My first thought when I saw this was that they should be inducting the degenerates into the HOF that have been making everyone push for legalizing gambling. If all of us shmohawks weren’t losing money day in and day out, nobody would be talking about how beneficial making it legal would be. You have people who are at the OTB or sports books all day that call it their full time job. Obviously when you convince yourself being at the sports book all day is your full time job you might have a problem but we can be best friends. It would just be the right thing to do after all of the years degenerates had to go home and tell their wife that they spent the kids college fund on Duke -8. Nobody understands how hard it is to keep how much you are actually gambling from your significant other and you always have to convince them that you are always winning. Even going out out on a date and getting through the date yelling at you for looking at scores to check if you covered deserves awards. Just for doing all of that, we should be put in the hall of fame.

I then rethought my first thought and I am alright with him getting inducted. I know absolutely nothing about politics but I do know he wanted to get gambling legalized for 8 years and it was legalized 4 months after he left office which is pretty funny. I understand why he is getting inducted but there should be discussions for Dave and Big Cat being inducted for donating a lot of there money on every sport possible. I should even get a look for keeping the NCAA refs integrity and not throwing any more games. This is the first time I have ever heard of the sports gambling hall of fame but I am very jealous because that is the end goal.