A Pig On The Loose In Ohio Was Lured Back In By Police With Delicious Oreos

MIDDLETON, OH (WTVD) — A pig that decided to go off on her own adventure was encouraged to return home with the help of some local police officers and some cookies. Oreo cookies to be specific. It happened in Ohio on Feb. 22. The pot-bellied pig, named Charlotte, got out of her home and went walking through the neighborhood. Officers were able to get Charlotte’s attention by using Oreos. They then leashed her and let her follow a trail of Oreos back to her home.

Oreos, the pig’s one weakness! That’s a real shame. That pig had big plans. Plans to skip town in hopes of  better life. She managed to do the hard part, which was escape captivity, but she fumbled at the goal line when the local police officers broke out the delicious Oreo cookies. She took her eye off the ball for one second and it ended up being her demise.

Does the pig live on a farm or in a family’s house? The article doesn’t make it explicitly clear but it leans towards the pig living at a house and being someone’s pet. If that’s the case then I have some advice for the pig, NEVER RUN AWAY AGAIN. That pig is an idiot. That pig thinks the grass is greener out in the world but it’s not. That pig doesn’t realize her kind is usually bred to be bacon on someone’s plate. She thinks she’s being horribly oppressed by her owners when the opposite is true. She’s living on easy street and doesn’t realize it. There’s no Oreos on the farm or out in the real world for pigs. Only death.

This is how I pictured the police catching the pig by the way