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You Really Hate To See Kevin Durant Stretching By Himself In The Pregame Tunnel After His Warriors Teammates Ditched Him

What a goddamn shame that video is. You would think or at least hope that years of playing together and reaching the pinnacle of your sport would create a tight enough bond that could turn mere teammates paid to play together into brothers. However, leaving your brother that also won the last two Finals MVPs of your championship seasons to go through his pregame routine all alone is not very family-like, especially after one of your other brothers literally begged him to join your team while bawling his eyes out in the parking lot following Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. It appears all those rumor mongers, dot connectors, and internet nerds living in their mom’s basement may have finally gotten inside the locker room of one of the greatest teams we have ever seen. And as a fan of the game of basketball above all us, I truly hate to see it. Hopefully Kevin can find a franchise full of young players not yet jaded by the Association that are hungry to bring a city its first championship in decades instead of being stuck in a relationship where there is nothing left to really accomplish.

Oh yeah, and in case you care about context and other things of that nature, here is the full video from last night that shows KD could have been taking a shit while his teammates were getting loose.

But don’t let that distract you from the first video, no matter how much NBA fans* are slowly morphing into InfoWarriors breaking down every move that every superstar free agent from this summer does on and off the court.

*Mostly Knicks fans if we are being honest

h/t Sean