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I LOVE These KU Fans Losing Their Shit And Taunting K-State Players With A Box Score

Goddamn do I love these dudes. I love everything about them. I can’t get enough.

We have to start with the top video. My guy taunting a Kansas State player with a box score after a missed dunk. It’s such a loser move that I think I sneaky love it? He’s apparently a commentator for Sporting KC and a local radio host there. I think that makes it even better. I honestly can’t stop laughing at the move. Just holding up a box score, saying next to nothing.

But, let’s move on to the two bros. They are no doubt the President and Vice President of the Mitch Lightfoot club. My guy dropped 9 points, hit a three and was a major reason as to why Kansas won this game. Oh and also keeping the Big 12 streak alive. These guys are just all in after he hits a three. Hugging each other. I swear they were bench mob guys for a second.

Now, they still don’t touch my man on the drums who is going to be a STAR in March. And March is coming fellas and ladies. It’s so close.