Les Miles Is Playing Flip Cup And Firing Up The Student Section At Phog Allen

Look at Les Miles getting out to Phog Allen early to play some flip cup and fire up the student section? I mean when the Big 12 streak is on the line you pull out all the stops and that means having your 65 year old new football coach out there to deliver a pep talk to the fans.

But, let’s be honest here. The story is the flip cup game. Les Miles has never played a game of flip cup in his life. It’s not the misses. That happens. Placing the cup the wrong way? Unless he’s trying to sneak one by college kids and convince everyone he flipped it we got a major problem on our hands in Lawrence.

I do love his pep talk though. I mean he’s wrong about the finest program in the country. But, I get where he’s coming from. He’s trying to convince everyone at the Phog that it’ll be okay and Kansas will compete for a national title. The chest pump was the best part though. Just fire himself up firing everyone else up.

Gotta work on the flip cup game though. If he nails that on the first flip I’d believe the Kansas Big 12 streak is back on.