The Athletics Released Updated Drawings Of Their New Stadium And Holy Shit They Look Insane

Yoooooo, how cool does this new, updated rendering of the Athletics Stadium look? They released some tweets a few weeks back depicting what their new stadium would look like, well it looks like they went back to the drawing board and switched some things up. I mean look at these pictures.

I've never been to Oakland but this is NOT what I imagined it looking like. I know the proposed site is about 10 miles from where they play now, but man did I not think this is what it looked like. If this ballpark is the one that they drop into the harbor, it will be beautiful. I'm getting a strong Season 2 of The Wire vibe from the cranes and docks right there.

What an awesome look from outside at nighttime too. Not sure that Oakland is where I'd want to be after dark, but I've been pistol whipped in Baltimore before, so it's nothing I can't handle. Seriously though, what a view.

Once you get inside the stadium for the actual game, it looks insane too. Looks like they are paying homage to the Collesium with their dugouts. Not to mention the crown of the stadium repelling down into a spot behind center field, with what looks to be a retractable batters eye. If you see in the picture below, that thing is like a garage door, so it'll be closed for games and open before. Gives it a really neat look. I'd think that the scoreboard needs to be bigger though? Looks kind of JV in that varsity stadium. But everything else about it looks insane.  It also looks like you'll be able to sit on the part of the stadium that is sloping down where the trees are? Maybe have a little Dallas Braden Blunt Section? Not much seating in the outfield it seems, so it's for sure a unique and different seating arrangement. There is a chance Khris Davis will never hit a seat with any of his homers because he just flat out hits them over the seats. What a view.

That walk inside the park looks awesome. I love how you can see directly into it, something that you don't see in a lot of stadiums. When I was at Yankee Stadium with JJ and Hubbs that was one thing I noticed, you couldn't see into the park from outside. It was just this massive structure right in front of you. Camden Yards can be seen into, Nats Park, a few other ones I've been in have been like that and I think it's a really neat thing for the fans to be able to walk up to the game and almost be engulfed by the stadium.

Now we just have to hope that this gets signed off and built because man does this look awesome. Oakland would go from playing in the second to worst stadium in baseball (sup Trop) to one of the best looking ones. Make it happen, Oakland.