Soulja Boy Tweeted Out DMs Between Him And Drake That Show They're Still Pals

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 1.58.46 PM

Well there ya go. DMs dated February 2nd which would been a couple weeks after Soulja Boy said the things he said about Drake. Just as most people suspected, Soulja Boy’s January social media tear was nothing more than the a troll. His infamous appearance on The Breakfast Club talking shit about Drake was nothing more than an effort to get eyeballs. It was just business and boy did it work. Soulja Boy lit the internet on fire for those couple days in January.

So much so that they brought him out at the Barclays Center on Yams Day the next day and burned it to the ground

I got goosebumps again. For real.

Like I said, none of this is shocking news but it’s nice to have confirmation via Soulja Boy’s DMs. Drake and Soulja are pals. All jokes aside. It’s all love. Drake says he would’ve made a video for We Made It if he had known Soulja wanted to do it. Cool Cool. Kill that show. Water under the bridge. Or at least until Soulja Boy cooks up his next get-money scheme and needs eyeballs.

Kanye was right. Shit is faker than pro wrestling.