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Tennessee Fans Complaining They Lost To LSU Because Ref Anthony Jordan Had A Picture With An LSU Shirt Is A Pathetic Look

[Knox News] – Vols coach Rick Barnes on Monday said he is aware of the post and has contacted the SEC.

“I have been in contact with them since the game a couple different times,” Barnes said. “I appreciate them and how they talk to me and what we talk about. I have full confidence they are going to do the right thing. They understand the situation. They are as upset about it as we would be. They will handle it. We have to get ready to play another game.”

So this is floating all over Twitter and Reddit and every message board possible. Tennessee fans are losing their shit over the fact that Anthony Jordan had this Facebook post (now deleted) with an LSU shirt making fun of Alabama fans.

That’s not why you lost to an LSU team without its best player. But, let’s get into it, shall we?

Listen, no one loves making fun of refs more than me. No one talks out about refs more than me. Frankly, I’m shocked I’m still getting credentialed to games because of how much I talk about how refs ruin college basketball.

This is the play that every Tennessee fan tends to point at.  get the whole swallowing your whistle with a second to go, but you also have to call a foul when there’s a foul. Grant Williams fouled him. It was really set up because of Tennessee’s shot selection there, which wasn’t great, but Williams just has to back away and go to double OT. It’s a brutal way to lose, but Tennessee let LSU hang around.

Yes, it is a foul. If you see a foul you call a foul. I hate that it’s how it decided the game, but again, you see a foul you call it. I mean again, you didn’t have to take a shitty shot. You didn’t have to lean in with less than a second to go. You could have just backed away and went to double OT. All those things happened too whether Anthony Jordan is from Louisiana or California.

Anthony Jordan is from Baton Rouge. He went to Southern University. Guess what? People are from somewhere. It happens. I never thought during that game that Tennessee was getting fucked over. The reviews were atrocious. Hell, the game started with a review that gave a flagrant foul to Naz Reid of LSU. That wasn’t initially called on the court. Did Anthony Jordan do that because he’s from Baton Rouge?

Maybe Grant Williams shouldn’t have airballed a layup in the 1st half. Maybe Lamonte Turner shouldn’t have went 3-for-11. Maybe you should have taken advantage of LSU without Tremont Waters and with Naz Reid in foul trouble? All those things didn’t happen because Anthony Jordan is from Baton Rouge.

Let’s also ignore the fact that stats say Tennessee would foul more than LSU. LSU is 29th in the country in FTA/FGA. Tennessee is 195th in the same stat on the defensive side of the ball.

I get the SEC looking into it. Sure, it makes sense to do due diligence. However, I’m sure they are well aware that he’s from Baton Rouge. He’s reffed games before and this never came out. It’s not like they are going to go back and change the outcome.

So have them look into the pointless reviews instead. That was my takeaway from officiating. They wasted too much time reviewing plays for no reason. Not that the refs (remember there are 3 of them) screwed Tennessee.