We Are One Game Away From The Craziest Streak In College Hoops Ending

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So I’m sure if you follow college hoops you may know this. Kansas has won at least a share of the Big 12 regular season for 14 years in a row. 14 years! Think about what the hell you were doing 14 years ago and know Kansas was still dominating the Big 12.

Think about it – The Office didn’t even start yet and it’s been off the air for years. Barstool was just getting started!

But, now? We’re literally one game away from that ending. It could end tonight.

Kansas hosts Kansas State. If the Wildcats win, it’s essentially ending the run by Kansas. The Jayhawks will be 3 games out with 3 to go. They’d still have to go to Oklahoma State and Oklahoma before hosting Baylor.

Essentially Kansas needs to win 4 in a row with some help in order to win the Big 12 or at least a share. With the Big 12 being a true round robin style, this streak is the craziest one in college hoops. It says a lot about the fact the Jayhawks are able to dominate a major conference like they have. It’s not like there haven’t been good teams either.

Last year we saw Kansas get the win at Texas Tech to keep the streak alive. This year they lost by 30 at Texas Tech to put the streak in jeopardy. Even a win tonight vs Kansas State makes it tough. They’d still be 1 back with 3 to go (with Texas Tech ahead of them too).

Now there’s a lot of reasons as to why Kansas may not win the Big 12 this year. Sure, the injury to Udoka Azubuike and suspension of Silvio De Sousa matter. The fact that they can’t seem to get a road win. The fact that they don’t have consistent guard and wing play. The fact that they can’t shoot the ball. Combine all of those and you have a team currently in 3rd place in the Big 12.

We’ve seen breaks happen for Kansas over this streak. But, now it comes down to 1 game. We can see the end of an era tonight. What a ride it’s been if you’re a Kansas fan. This is the craziest streak in college hoops for me.