Lil Pump Will Be Giving a Commencement Speech At Harvard University (Yes You've Read That Correctly)

SOURCE - The Harvard Dropout is making his way back to school.

When Harvard University students graduate, they get to experience a commencement speech from some of the most esteemed individuals in the world. Former presidents, Nobel Prize winners, and notable alumni are typically those chosen to speak. Well, this year, the students are in for a treat as one of the school’s most notable dropouts will be delivering the commencement speech. Yes, that’s right, Lil Pump has been chosen for the honor.

The news comes courtesy of Pump’s record label, Warner Bros. Records, who say Pump is the youngest commencement speaker in the history of the school.

Lil Pump commented on the honor saying:

“You don’t gotta graduate from Harvard to do this speech. I dropped out, so they called me like they called the guy that made Windows and PCs and shit before I was born. You just need a cap and gown, which I got. When I found out, I was happy to give everyone a lesson. I’m all about the youth. Yes, they are the future. This is a preview of my speech, one word: ESSKEETIT!!!!!!”

Among some of the other notable names that have spoken at Harvard are Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steven Spielberg.

Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg…… and Lil Pump. What a wrecking crew. I guess it really is true that college is for suckers (take it from me I went to and graduated from college). Why go to Harvard and do all that bullshit work when you can just drop out and be so successful that you’re giving the commencement speech by the time you would have been finishing your freshman year?! Seems like these Harvard grads could learn a thing or two from Lil Pump. Get your head out of a book for once and start looking at the big picture you bunch of stiffs! You think Lil Pump was wasting his time with nuclear psychics to get to this point? Hell no! He was too busy doing productive things like popping painkillers and coming up with certified triple platinum hit songs like “Gucci Gang”.

These Harvard grads would probably love to talk your ear off about a bunch of boring crap to fix the planet or a business idea to make a shit ton of money but you wanna know what’s real genius? Recording a song in 28 minutes with a vocabulary of 15 words that makes millions of dollars. That’s the smartest shit I’ve ever heard.

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Harvard Dropout to Harvard Commencement Speaker. What a world.