Everyone Needs To Stop Pretending That Bradley Cooper Is Good At Singing

I wanted to sleep on this and watch the performance again before I blogged it, but I’m now confident enough to say that Bradley Cooper stinks at singing. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an incredibly talented actor and an even more attractive guy, he’s just not a great singer. He pretends to be. The only reason no one’s noticed is because he’s plays the part of a singer so well. That and because Lady-fucking-Gaga (his future wife) is on the song so all he has to do is sit there and not overdo it. Carry the tune, get in and get out.  He’s the kid who joined chorus for the Six Flags trip then got stuck with the solo because his partner’s actually good. You can tell he’s embarrassed by the whole thing. He didn’t want to go on stage. That’s why the performance was so simple. Because he wanted to get it over with. There wasn’t even an introduction, they just wheeled out the piano, walked on stage, and started singing. The whole thing was four minutes long and it was right before a commercial break.  Again, love the song, love his face, love Lady Gaga, but Bradley Cooper isn’t a great singer so let’s stop pretending he is. He’s doing fine.

PS: You know who would’ve crushed that performance? Jack Black.