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I'm ALL IN On Medieval MMA

Note: I know this gets blogged like once a year, but hell, it’s so wild we all deserve the annual reminder.

I’m in. Sign me up. Well, actually, don’t sign ME up, but please, everyone else sign up. Throw literally any two human beings in the world in medieval armor and give them shields/swords and I will be front row with a big ol’ bucket of popcorn munchin’ away.

If I were the commissioner of this promotion, I’d offer The Mountain from Game of Thrones an absolutely preposterously amount of cash to be the face of the organization. So much money that I’d just barely break even just so he’d have to accept, because, I mean, with all due respect to The Mountain – what else is he doin nowadays?

I’d throw him in there against idiots half his size and have him headline every card, and in no time, I’m printing cash. Once a year, go full-on WWE and put a watermelon in the other guy’s helmet after some smoke and mirrors distracts the crowd, and…

…you know what’d happen next.