Lebron James The Star Of Space Jam II, The Star of the Barbershop, Who Moved To LA To Concentrate On His Acting Career, Who 3 Weeks Ago Said He Has Nothing Left to Prove And Doesn’t Care About Winning Anymore, Who Tried To Trade All His Teammates Away, Who Tried To Get His Coach Fired Says the Reason the Lakers Suck Is Because He’s the Only One Soley Dedicated To Basketball


Listen I’m not one to go out of my way to criticize or nitpick every little thing Lebron James does. But I do have to wonder how much his teammates hate him for constantly blaming everything on them and being the biggest hypocrite in the world? How much they hate him for saying he’s the only one who cares about basketball when he has about a billion side ventures going and the only reason he moved to LA was to be an actor and concentrate on everything but basketball. I can’t put myself in their shoes, but I do think it would bother me.