This Dog's Reaction To Mufasa's Death Will Rip Your Heart Right Outta Your Chest

WARNING: This will make you sad

I warned you. The video was either going to make you sad because Mufasa’s death is the saddest scene in cinema history or the dog’s reaction to Mufasa’s death was gonna make you sad or both. Probably both. Either way you weren’t coming away from that video without a heavy feeling of sadness. I didn’t want to post this blog on a Sunday where a lot of people are going through the emotional ups and downs of a hangover but I had to. That’s the job.

That scene isn’t safe for any living thing it turns out. We knew that was likely the case but now we know for sure after watching that dog struggle through it. The worst part is that dog has no idea what he’s watching and why it’s making him whimper. Humans at least can step back and realize it’s a cartoon but not dogs. That dog is like, “Who are these lions?! Where are they? Why do they look like that? Why can they talk? We gotta help them!” That dog will forever be worried about Simba.

And fuck that guy for snickering as his dog reacted. Guarantee he wasn’t giggling when he watched Mufasa’s die all those years ago. Guarantee he was crying his eyes out and begging for his mommy so maybe a little decorum for people/dogs watching it for the first time. It’s the most traumatic experience.