Happy Saturday! I Bring You Definitive Proof That Ghosts Exist

(Don’t worry this isn’t one of those jump scare videos, I pinky promise)

Before today I, like a fool, did not care for the idea that ghosts existed. Aliens? Of course. But when it came to ghosts I was a doubter, an idiot, a jabroni some might say, but I just didn’t think that people died then hung around in your house slamming cupboards. I figured there were better things for dead people to do, like stay dead because that would certainly be my choice.

However, I come to you now with a full apology. Is it embarrassing that something as simple as a viral video (that was perhaps edited because I’m not smart enough to know the difference) was all it took to convince me that life after death exists? Perhaps to my mother, or academics, but not to me. I’m a big eye test guy and this passes the test, ghosts exist. That wasn’t wind. That wasn’t left over inertia from someone who’d just been swinging. That didn’t even obey by the laws of physics, as it kept speeding up randomly and shit. What it was, was a ghost having a grand ol’ time on a swing.

Pretty stressful learning the supernatural exists, watch this extraordinarily relaxing car drive to calm down again.