This Football Play A College Hoops Team Ran To Win A Game Is Absolutely Beautiful

Sometimes you need Division III hoops to get your Saturday going. That’s what we have here. I mean, look at this. We have a team running a FULL ON FOOTBALL PLAY to win a conference championship.

It’s beautiful.

We’ve seen this happen earlier this year. I was actually at the game when Northern Kentucky ran this set to seal a game against its rival Wright State:

I need more of it. Go watch this new play design. My man runs a slant! I can’t stop laughing and watching it. He has his hand up like a WR too. It’s so perfect. I mean look at it. They look like they are getting ready to run suicides or a bunch of patterns. I can’t tell if they are lined up like wide receivers or the suicide run, which basketball players know all too well. It was awesome.

I need more of this. Give me 4 WR sets more often. Send a guy long. Send a guy on a slant. Have a guy run the drag pattern. You deserve to win a conference championship if you run a football inbounds play. Rules are rules people.