This Unit Dancing At The Bucks Game Last Night Was The Best Showing Of Athleticism On A Basketball Court This Season

This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. What an amazing, beautiful, and graceful heavy set gentleman. The phrase being “light on your feet” has never applied to anyone that’s ever lived more than it does to this man. That was by far the best showing of athleticism we’ve seen on an NBA court this season. Who would have thought the best athlete in Milwaukee wasn’t Giannis?

When I say “Units Respect Units” I really mean that shit. I get so proud watching other units show what they can do on the big stage. When he hit that one armed cartwheel move he shut the whole arena down. He had them eating out of the palm of his hand, he could do no wrong. It brought a tear to my eye I was so happy. Hitting those moves at that size can only be described as majestic. From the smooth footwork, to the tremendous core strength, to the unique choreography, to the intoxicating energy, it was all off the charts. 10/10.

I NEED to find this guy to have him on an episode of Fat Guy Facts and also have him teach me all his dance moves. I’ve got nothing on him in the dancing department but ya boy has definitely been known to bust a move or two in my day. Also he was wearing a FIRE old school Michael Redd jersey. Shoutout to a THE Ohio State University Alum.

If anyone reading this can put me in contact with him please shoot me a DM on twitter @DoubleVodkaDon