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Carlos Rodon: "Shit or get off the pot"

NBC Sports Chicago –

“There’s a point in time where it’s s**t or get off the pot, man. I mean, there’s a point where you’ve got to make a turn,” Rodon said in an interview on the White Sox Talk Podcast. “I’ve been on teams like this before, not in the big leagues, but during my younger baseball career, where they’re OK or weren’t good at all, and there’s a point where the team turned and we became great or just winners. We just came together and it just happened. It’s got to happen soon. We’ve got to start picking up some ground. This is about winning, and I get the whole ‘there’s a process to winning,’ and I agree a hundred percent with Rick (Hahn), but it’s time.”

Ya know what Carlos?  I agree!  I agree wholeheartedly.  And a move for Machado or Harper would have done just that, assuming a trade for Joc Pederson and signings of Ervin Santana and Gio Gonzales were also gonna happen.

And this team is going to win.  It’ll win about 70 games.  Maybe if everyone clicks 75.  8-9 years worth of winning for the Bears and 3-4 years worth of winning for the Bulls.

Obviously I need to address every ounce of hyperbole I say, so in case you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic with my previous sentence.  I was speaking sarcastically that the White Sox won’t win much at all this year, at least in my opinion they won’t.

But I do at least love what I hear from Timmy Anderson and Carlos Rodon, two of the elders on the team.  This team is every bit as sick and tired of losing as fans are at watching them lose.

And Carlos – I love ya man.  World class arm.  It’s time for you to nut up and lead by example.  Go out there and shove 200 grade A ace innings down the AL Central’s throat while Timmy makes a run at a 30/30 season.  You and him need to make all of the doubters (every Sox fan on earth) eat crow with your 2019 seasons.  Like you said, it’s time for you and a few other guys to shit or get off the pot.

Would love nothing more than for that to happen.