For Some Reason Jussie Smollett's Character Will Be Removed From The Final 2 Episodes Of The Season

Weirdddddddd. It’s not often a main character is just wiped off of a television series. They’re just completely writing him out and we’ll never see him again? How does that even work? It’d be like if one day Jim Halpert was just *POOF* gone from The Office with no explanation. No news stories about it, nothing. Pam just treads water as a single mother and you assume Jim died in a freak hang gliding accident or something. That’s what Empire is doing. They’re simply removing the second male lead from the show without as much of an explanation.

Maybe one day details will come out about why. Maybe we’ll eventually learn what caused this to happen. I imagine it’s just your classic contract dispute and everything will be worked out over the next couple of days. It’s likely nothing serious, just Hollywood stuff that us common folk wouldn’t understand. I’ll keep you updated as I hear more.