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Cleveland Indians Pitcher Mike Clevinger Took A Casual Dump On Deadspin's Face

Mikey from the heavens! Struck ‘em out looking with that one. Of course folks over at Deadspin lack the sports/life intelligence to understand that A) Pitchers are batshit and 2) Shooting the shit, busting balls, and exaggerating for laughs are important aspects of being in a big league, or any clubhouse. Very little of what they say should be taken literally, especially when it’s someone talking about dogs having thumbs and milking nipples. I don’t care if the actual article gives further context, The Cleaver chopped down on the headline and sliced Deadspin’s nuts well respected figurative genitalia clean off. Go Clev Go.

Also, s/o to the Starting 9 crew on their #SpikesUp tour doing solid stuff in and around Spring Training camps this week. Clevinger, among countless other big names are doing content with Carrabis and Dallas. Be sure to keep tabs on them as these animals require some sort of supervision.