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Tommy Heinsohn Vehemently Defends Kyrie Irving

Anytime I find myself in needing of guidance in this world, I look to the all knowing soul that is Tommy Heinsohn. He’s basically my uncle in the sense that I’ve been hearing him and Mike Gorman talk about the Celtics for the entirety of my conscious life. And he’s never led me wrong. Not even a little bit. Greg Stiemsma the next Bill Russell? Brilliant. Kendrick Perkins didn’t commit that foul? Strong agree. Walter McCarty was the best three point shooter of all time? Tell me and Uncle Tommy that he isn’t. I dare you. I dare you!

Thankfully he was in the studio tonight to give some much needed clarity on this Kyrie fiasco sweeping the NBA world. And as with everything else I’ve ever heard him say, this was brilliant, level-headed analysis that the world needed to hear. It warmed my heart to hear that Tommy agrees it’s insanely fun and cool to fuck with the media constantly. Why not? The Sun is going to explode. Who gives a shit.

Long live Tommy Heinsohn, the most correct takesman who ever lived.