Wake Up With Larry Walker Mashing A Home Run Into McCovey Cove

Where does Larry Walker rank on the most underrated players of all time list? Because I think he's up there, way up there. Walker was a damn good player in the 90s era that was dominated by the steroid guys. Walker put together some damn good years, and wasn't just a home run guy. He retired with a career average of .313 and an OBP off .400 on the nose. Couple that with 383 homers, 1,311 RBIs, 471 doubles, won an MVP with MONSTER numbers, was a five-time All Star, seven-time Gold Glove winner, three-time Silver Slugger, and a three-time batting title. Don't talk to me about how he was only good because he played in Colorado, because that just isn't true.
To most of us he's known as a Rockie, but he still dropped bombs with the Cardinals. I'd have loved to see the length on this homer because it looks like it went no less than 560 feet. Almost hit that buoy wayyyyy out there, pretty sure that means they're getting close to Alcatraz. I mean this was a dick high pitch that he pissed on. This ball was gone the second the ball left the pitcher's hand.
I'll go to the grave believing that home runs into bodies of water, like McCovey Cove just look so much cooler than other home runs. It seemed like that ball was in the air for no less than 49 seconds, could have been because how far it was hit or it could have been because it had a splash landing. Regardless, I loved watching Larry Walker play baseball, even though he once swung and missed in a Home Run Derby, I won't hold that against him.
PS. I love the guy in the kayak just crawling over to it like it was nothing. Just another day at the ballpark for kayak dude.