'College Basketball Is Bullshit' - DeMarcus Cousins Makes Plenty Of Valid Points

Obviously amateurism is the hot buzz word after what happened to Zion yesterday. Kayce touched on it with the ticket prices, but I want to talk more about just college basketball and how it relates to the NCAA and everything going on.

First, let’s address the major issue. Yes, these guys deserve to get paid based on what the free market dictates. Schools shouldn’t have to pay these players more than what they pay them with housing, tuition, etc. That’s fine. That’s their salary from the schools. I’m fine with that.

However, where I have a problem is the fact that kids can’t make money off of their name, likeness and image. That’s where you have to start. Save me ‘well I don’t have free school.’  Or ‘these guys get enough.’

You aren’t these guys. You don’t bring in revenue like they do. You don’t have a skillset to warrant a free education or to be compensated as such. So you, the average student with no dominating skillset is irrelevant here.

You also can’t pay everyone because why should the school have to determine how to pay QB1 at Alabama vs the 3rd string catcher on the softball team? Let the free market determine that. Don’t tell me anything about waiting for people to graduate. No one else has to wait until graduation to profit. Those aren’t solutions.

If a bar or auto dealer or any business wants to pay a player a certain amount of money to use their name, likeness or image, then let them do it. I don’t care if they pay them $5 million. Because, guess what? Let’s say that person ends up being a ‘bust’ that booster isn’t going to make the same mistake. It’s an investment for them too and they have a cap on what they can spend.

Plus, let’s face it. Kids are still going to go to the bluebloods 90% of the time. Does it matter if Texas football has the most boosters to pay? No. Kids go there regardless now. Same for Kentucky basketball, Alabama football, Duke basketball, etc. Recruiting really wouldn’t change based on promises of payment for NLI use once they come on campus.

Can we also cut through the bullshit? No one cares if a kid gets paid. It has 0 affect on your daily life. It has 0 affect on anything you do. Why do we pretend to care if a kid or a family makes $100,000? It’s not going to change cheering for the same laundry that you would before. It’s not going to change the fact these kids are still going to play to win. Every time someone tells me a one-and-done doesn’t care about the game, I go back to this clip:

Now, there are pros to college hoops. No one is going to doubt that. Until the G League or another league really starts up (or the NBA drops the one and done rule in 2022) it’s the best option in terms of on the court in America. You do get exposure playing at a major school and playing on national TV. Just like the schools do when these dominant kids come in and drive up prices and sales.

It’s a two way street.

Cousins even talks about how he enjoyed his time at Kentucky. That doesn’t mean the NCAA isn’t bullshit. You can actually say both things.

So, yes, the NCAA and college basketball is bullshit. But, so is the NBA with the fact that they are trying to protect the owners by having the one and done rule. Shout out Cousins. He’s someone who can talk about this, no matter what you think of him. He’ll also give it to you without the bullshit.