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This Raging Bull Charging Through A Group Of Religious People Should Not Be Real Life, Yet Here We Are

INDIA – This the dramatic moment a bull made a giant running leap into a crowd at a religious event in south India. Thousands of worshippers gathered yesterday at the popular local temple in Mathakondapalli village near Bengaluru. The locals had sought permission to hold a traditional bull dance with 100 animals but local officials refused. They feared the bulls would send the crowd into a frenzy and they weren’t wrong. One of the bulls breaks free at a religious event in south India and runs towards the crowd Villagers went ahead regardless and brought more than 100 decorated bulls and made them run through the streets, ignoring police requests. One of bulls became spooked and broke free, jumping into the thronging crowd.

Hmm. Interesting tidbit how the locals sought permission to use bulls for their traditional festivity but local officials refused because “They feared the bulls would send the crowd into a frenzy”…..AND THIS SOMEHOW STILL HAPPENED! What the hell is going on over there? Oh well. I guess when these attacks happen on the regular in other countries where wild beasts are allowed in the streets, ya gotta look after one another. Just like in the market where bulls roam free for some reason and send unlucky pedestrians into the high heavens:

Or how about this unfortunate fellow below on his bike. Think you’ve had a bad day? The coffee get a little too cold too fast or somebody clogged your favorite shitter at work? Hopefully this poor guy’s misery will put things in perspective. The only one who had it worse was this sap riding on his last tank of heart on the way to his pennies on the dollar job and BAM! Always gotta keep your head on a swivel for angry bulls on rural streets.