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The Real Reason Alex Gordon Would Have Been Out Is Because He Didn't Hustle...In Game 7....Of The World Series



So obviously this is the biggest debate that came out of last night’s game. In the moment I will admit that I said they should have sent him. Now that we have multiple angles and the benefit of hindsight it’s clear he most likely would have been out, there is really no debating that fact. But the real point is if you said he should have been sent last night immediately after the play took place, you weren’t necessarily wrong. When that ball was kicked around in the outfield intuitively you thought, man, there is enough time for him to get home. I know I did, because there was, it’s just that Alex Gordon didn’t sprint out of the box and didn’t pick up full speed until he hit second base. He also committed a day 1 mistake of looking at the ball and not trusting his third base coach, which slowed him down even further.





A fact that is pretty funny when given the context of the Royals alleged base running prowess throughout the playoffs. Alex Gordon won’t get any blame because Bumgarner was that good, but if he runs his absolute hardest from swing of the bat to home plate he has a shot. The defense had fallen asleep on Bumgarner, which you can see by the way they fielded that ball. With the way Bumgarner was pitching sending Gordon isn’t all that crazy considering the fact that no one was getting a hit off of him. Either way, fantastic ending to an extremely memorable Game 7 that left us with a question that will live in sports debate forever. What if Gordon runs hard? What if the throw was off line?  Which at the end of the day is all we as fans really ask for right? A topic we can argue with our friends about when we’re at the bar too drunk to see.




Obviously players don’t usually sprint on a routine single doesn’t but it was the bottom of the ninth in Game 7 of the World Series, not exactly a game in mid July.